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Sea you at the Cove!
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"Big Chill" Bora Bora

  • 16 Nov 2013
  • 19 Apr 2014
  • La Jolla Cove

“Big Chill Bora Bora”

La Jolla Cove Swim Club’s 2013-2014 Winter Swim Program

November 16, 2013 through April 19, 2014

To Register, simply: 
Send your Name and TOTAL Miles each week to "Mr. Chill" at:



So, we are doing a Double...back to the Cove we go. And that'll be a Club Big Chill record of 8106 miles!

Maybe by the time we get back we'll be swimming into warmer water here...

email miles to:

Club goal: Accumulate total mileage from San Diego to Bora Bora, which is  4053 miles away

Past goals were Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and Fiji. Last year we accumulated over 6000 miles! This year maybe we’ll accumulate enough miles to reach New Zealand (6502 miles) or Australia (7203miles).

This is a Swim Club event with club members operating as one big team to reach a common goal.

If registered Big Chill participants wish to form small groups and challenge other groups, this may be done on an informal basis. All names and individual miles must be reported to "Mr. Chill".

Group mileages can be displayed in the club box if provided to "Mr. Chill".

Individual goals: Reach personal totals of 25, 50, 75, 100 miles (even 400 or more!)

This isn’t a serious competition. Have fun, and above all, swim safely!

Cost: FREE (except for a token charge of $5 for the party)

You can sign up ANYTIME during the program, though we encourage you do so as early as possible.

Miles: We operate on the honor system. Miles should be reported by each swimmer as a running TOTAL. There are maps and charts in the club display box at the Cove (or click HERE) that show the mileage between various buoys and other coastal locations in La Jolla Bay. When in doubt, just estimate as well as you can or send a question to the email address below.

Send your TOTAL Miles each week to "Mr. Chill" at: 

Provide your TOTAL miles in the subject line, as “Bob Smith has 67 miles total”, each time you report. Send in your miles by Wednesday afternoon each week so we can process the data and print updated progress charts for the weekend. 

Please report weekly (or as often as possible) so we can keep accurate track of our accumulated mileage.

Qualifying Miles:

o   Accumulate miles swum from Saturday Nov. 16 through April 13, 2014.

o   Miles swum using a wetsuit, fins, mask and snorkel are acceptable.

o   Miles swum outside of San Diego are acceptable as long as they are in a salt water ocean or sea for a period of not more than 2 weeks, regardless of the water temperature. This is to accommodate vacations in Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, etc. We’re swimming to warmer water anyway!

o   Miles swum in any ocean or sea and where the water temperature is 62 degrees or less are acceptable at any time. So miles in Oceanside, Coronado, LA, SF and other CA beaches are always acceptable.

o   Pool miles are not acceptable, even if the pool is salt water and cold.

o   DOUBLE Miles may be claimed on our monthly Club event days (which are not necessarily the actual holiday), or any other days Mr. Chill deems 'chilly' enough, and under the conditions shown below. Two (maximum) double conditions per day may be applied, so if your birthday swim is on Valentine’s Day, claim 4X miles!

  • -“Turkey Day” swim
  • - Xmas Eve in Coronado (December 24). Cove miles are double also, but try to come to Coronado!
  • - New Year’s Day Polar Bear swim (January 1), at La Jolla Shores or another location.
  • - Valentine’s Swim. Swim a mile for your sweetie
  • - St. Patrick’s Day Event. “Swim with a Spuddo in your Speedo!”
  • - April Fools’ (Easter/Tax Relief) Day Event (April 13).   
  • - Swimmer’s birthday. Miles must be swum in one’s “Birthday Suit” (only) to qualify, and the swim must be witnessed by at least one other swimmer. Observers do not get double miles!

Swimmers whose birthday does not fall within the program dates may declare a “comp” birthday, which must be on the same day of the month as their birthday and the month should be 6 months ahead of the birthday. For example, an August 6 “comp” birthday would be February 6.

Note: the club does not encourage illegal acts.

  • Other Double days as declared by the program director, “Mr. Chill”


o   Personal satisfaction, good exercise, bragging rights, the thrill of survival.

o   Experience hypothermia. Shivering is a good exercise that involves all major muscle groups.

      o   Document your insanity for a future disability claim

o   Party to celebrate the end of the program, with great food, beer and fun.

o   “Big Chill” t-shirts will be awarded to participants who swim at least 25 miles in the program.

  • Awards for the top mileage man and woman.


Mileage chart and map will be posted in the display box at the cove and on the club website. 


There are three ways to swim with our club:

  • Meet up on the deck
  • Join us for our social swims
  • Register for our competitive swims. 


By email
By Land
P.O. Box 427, La Jolla, CA 92038
By Sea
Click here for directions.


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