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La jolla cove swim club

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Rips, Rocks, and Reefs 2013

  • 15 Jun 2013
  • 8:00 AM
  • Boomer beach, La Jolla Cove
La Jolla Cove Swim Club
is hosting the first 3Rs of the season
Saturday, June 15

San Diego Council of Divers
Rips, Rocks, and Reefs 2013

More Info and Schedule:

What are the 3Rs?  

3Rs is an in-water education and site orientation program for divers, snorkelers and swimmers. Participants are briefed on the interaction of surf, swell, and tides on underwater rocks and reefs, and then enter the water and tour popular sites with experienced instructors.
3Rs is a great way to learn more about the ocean and to explore new sites. 

Participants learn how to:
~ Identify underwater rocks and reefs by observing water movement and surf 
~ Take advantage of the ocean's natural wave motion
~ Spot safe place to enter and exit
~ Avoid places hazardous for divers and swimmers
~ Encounter rip and long shore currents
~ Use tides to plan outings

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Who can attend?  
The 3Rs is free and open to the public; donations are gladly accepted and are only used to keep this program operating. . Snorkelers and swimmers welcome! SCUBA Certification is not required, but swimming experience is recommended. Participants must sign a liability waiver as part of registration. Participants aged 17 or less must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

What to bring?  
Bring a mask, fins, and snorkel. A full wetsuit and gloves are strongly recommended for warmth and protection from scrapes. Spring suits are OK. Weights are discouraged unless you are a strong swimmer or your wetsuit is extremely buoyant. Scuba gear (regulator, BC, tank, etc.) is not used during the 3Rs.
If you have not been diving or snorkeling recently, please check your gear before you arrive.

When are the 3Rs? 
For all dates, registration will be at 8:00am. Mandatory briefing starts at 8:15am, enter the water 8:30 am. The sites listed are the most popular and interesting for shore diving and free diving. If your club wants to do a different one, let us know. 


There are three ways to swim with our club:

  • Meet up on the deck
  • Join us for our social swims
  • Register for our competitive swims. 


By email
By Land
P.O. Box 427, La Jolla, CA 92038
By Sea
Click here for directions.


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