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La jolla cove swim club

Sea you at the Cove!
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Xmas Swim

  • 24 Dec 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Coronado North Beach

The Xmas Eve swim, which is held jointly with Coronado Masters, will be held as usual at the Coronado North Beach.

Where: Coronado Beach. North end, near the intersection of Ocean Blvd. and Ocean Court.

This is opposite Sunset Park, a large grassy area. There is a rest room complex on the beach, close to the street, with outside pole showers (cold water).

Go out onto the sand, past the restrooms, and walk toward the ocean. Look for a table or two and some people, and a fire pit.

Pot Luck food: Bring some food and drink for yourself and to share. There is usually one or more kettles of chili..…or soup. There will be “Buffalo Broth” a famous and lethal alcoholic apertif. And a fire in a fire pit so you can warm up after your chilly swim.

Be aware that the surf in this area is a shore break. If there is surf of any size and you’re not familiar with this type of break, ask others about it. It can flip you….don’t turn your back on it!

There are no rocks in this area, just sand, so it’s generally pretty safe. And there are friendly Coronado lifeguards to watch over us.

People usually swim south, though Doug has gone North a few times. Some will go to the Hotel Del Coronado and back, which is about 2 miles. Most won’t go that far. The good thing is that you will swim along the beach and you can get out anytime you want and walk back.

Be aware that the water in Coronado is sometimes colder than at the Cove. The weather is usually great, with blue skies and lots of sun, and the forecast for this year is for 75 degrees.

This is done in partnership with Coronado Masters Swimming. We usually get about 75 people at Coronado. Some wear Santa hats or other seasonal decorations.

Double Big Chill Miles of course…in Coronado or anywhere else!


There are three ways to swim with our club:

  • Meet up on the deck
  • Join us for our social swims
  • Register for our competitive swims. 


By email
By Land
P.O. Box 427, La Jolla, CA 92038
By Sea
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