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    • 15 Nov 2015
    • 17 Apr 2016
    • La Jolla Cove (or any other cold open water area)

    “Big Chill” Madagascar

    La Jolla Cove Swim Club’s 2015-2016 Member's Winter Swim Program

    November 15, 2015 through April 15, 2016

    To Register:

    1. Be a Member in "active" status (i.e., annual dues paid)

    2. Send your Name and TOTAL Miles each week to "Mr. Chill" at:


    email miles to:

    Club goal for 2016

    Accumulate enough total mileage to go from San Diego to MADAGASCAR and back, which is 13,000 miles. Last year we accumulated over 12,000 miles. We’ll stop at Hawaii and Guam along the way.

    Past goals have been Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Bora Bora, and Bikini Atoll.

    This is a Swim Club event with club members operating as one big team to reach a common goal.

    If registered Big Chill participants wish to form small groups and challenge other groups, this may be done on an informal basis. All names and individual miles must be reported to "Mr. Chill" at:

    Group mileages can be displayed in the club box if provided to "Mr. Chill".

    Individual goals: Reach personal totals of 25, 50, 75, 100 miles (even 400 or more!)

    This isn’t a serious competition. Have fun, and above all, swim safely!

    Cost: FREE (except for a token charge of $5 for the party)

    You can sign up ANYTIME during the program, though we encourage you do so as early as possible.

    Miles: We operate on the honor system. Miles should be reported by each swimmer as a running TOTAL. There are maps and charts in the club display box at the Cove (or click HERE) that show the mileage between various buoys and other coastal locations in La Jolla Bay. When in doubt, just estimate as well as you can or send a question to the email address below.

    Send your TOTAL Miles each week to "Mr. Chill" at: 

    Provide your TOTAL miles in the subject line, as “Bob Smith has 67 miles total”, each time you report. Send in your miles by Wednesday afternoon each week so we can process the data and print updated progress charts for the weekend. 

    Please report weekly (or as often as possible) so we can keep accurate track of our accumulated mileage.

    No more than 100 miles can be submitted at one time, unless you swam all of the miles in that month. Requests for exceptions may be submitted to the administrator (“Mr. Chill”).

    Qualifying Miles:

    o   Accumulate miles swum from Saturday Nov. 16 through April 13, 2015.

    o   Miles swum using a wetsuit, fins, mask and snorkel are acceptable.

    o   Miles swum outside of San Diego are acceptable as long as they are in a salt water ocean or sea for a period of not more than 2 weeks, regardless of the water temperature. This is to accommodate vacations in Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, etc. We’re swimming to warmer water anyway!

    o   Miles swum in any ocean or sea and where the water temperature is 62 degrees or less are acceptable at any time. So miles in Oceanside, Coronado, LA, SF and other CA beaches are always acceptable.

    o   Pool miles are not acceptable, even if the pool is salt water and cold.

    o   DOUBLE Miles may be claimed on our monthly Club event days (which are not necessarily the actual holiday), or any other days Mr. Chill deems 'chilly' enough, and under the conditions shown below. Two (maximum) double conditions per day may be applied, so if your birthday swim is on Valentine’s Day, claim 4X miles!

    o    NEW RULE: The limit of double miles for one swim is 5. So if you swim 10 miles on your birthday, which is also on St. Patrick’s Day (event day), you can’t claim 30 miles, you can only claim 15!

    • ~ Opening Day, Sunday, Nov. 15 (THIS IS NEW!)
    • ~ “Turkey Day” swim (Nov 22)
    • ~ Xmas Eve in Coronado (December 24). Cove miles are double also, but try to come to Coronado!
    • ~ New Year’s Day Polar Bear swim (January 1), at La Jolla Shores or another location.
    • ~ Super "Bore" Sunday
    • ~Valentine’s Swim. Swim a mile for your sweetie
    • ~ St. Patrick’s Day Event. “Swim with a Spuddo in your Speedo!”
    • ~ April Fools’ (Easter/Tax Relief) Day Event (April 13).   
    • Swimmer’s “Pink Dolphin” birthday swim.     
    • Miles must be swum in one’s “Birthday Suit” (only) to qualify, and the swim must be witnessed by at least one other swimmer. (Observers do not get double miles!)

    Swimmers whose birthday does not fall within the program dates may declare a “comp” birthday, which must be on the same day of the month as their birthday and the month should be 6 months ahead of the birthday. For example, an August 6 “comp” birthday would be February 6.

    Note: the club does not encourage illegal acts.

    o    “Super Chill Bonus”: If the ocean water temperature is below 55 degrees, those swimming without wetsuits may claim a 25% bonus on all miles swum. This may be used on trips to other locations.

    o    “Mega Chill Bonus”: If the ocean water temperature is below 50 degrees, those swimming without wetsuits may claim a 50% bonus on all miles swum. This may be used on trips to other locations.

    Other Double days as declared by the program director, “Mr. Chill”


    o   Personal satisfaction, good exercise, bragging rights, the thrill of survival.

    o    Experience hypothermia. Shivering is a good exercise that involves all major muscle groups.

    o    Document your insanity for a future disability claim

    o    Party to celebrate the end of the program, with catered food, beer and fun.

    o    “Big Chill” T shirts will be awarded to participants who swim 25 miles or more.

    o    Patches will be awarded to those who swim 50 or 100 miles, and maybe others too.

    o    Awards for the top mileage man and woman.


    Mileage chart and map will be posted in the display box at the cove and on the club website. 

    • 14 Feb 2016
    • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • La Jolla Cove
    Valentine's Swim

    Social Event 

    February 14, 9:00-11:00

    Coffee and muffins, etc. will be supplied by the LJCSC.  
    Please feel free to bring your favorite Valentine goodies to share.

    And the color of the day is RED. So don your heart hued apparel...and for the fearless, red speedos are expected! 

    Sea you there!
    • 12 Mar 2016
    • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • La Jolla Cove

    St. Patty's Day Swim
    Social Event 

    Double Big Chill Miles

    St. Patrick's Lucky Leprechaun Swim 

    La Jolla Cove

    Date: March 12, 9:00-11:00am

    It's that time to be wearin' the green and sharin' some sweet treats too with your favorite swim chums.


    It's also the 4th annual "Spuddo in Your Speedo" swim!!

    Obtain a cute little spud from your friendly LJCSC board member at the club table and stick it...wherever you want your 'speedo' for your swim. For every mile you swim, you get: Double Big Chill Miles PLUS one mile (1, uno, eins, ichi, amháin) for the Spud!
    Example: Swim 2 miles, get those 2 doubled, plus get 1 spud mile = 5 Big Chill miles!

    For the more adventurous, BRING your own GIANT Spud, the biggest you can find, (but no yams or sweets). Swim at least a mile with your Super Tuber in your suit. Have it weighed at the club table. If your spud is the biggest, you will be proclaimed "SPUD STUD" and, in addition to the thrill of swimming with a giant tuber in your suit, you will win a $10 credit on club merchandise.


    Also, bring Shamrock goodies to share...if you're so inclined.
    The club will provide coffee and muffins and a few other things.

    Sea You at The Cove,

    La Jolla Cove Swim Club
    • 16 Apr 2016
    • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • La Jolla Cove

    Join the La Jolla Cove Swim Club for

    Tax Relief and Spring Egg-Stravaganza Swim

    SATURDAY, April 16, 2016 at 9:00 - 11:00 AM

    Save some cash and come down and swim with your fellow tax-payers, (or non-tax payers as the case may be!) at the Club's Tax Relief Swim...and Spring Egg-Stravaganza!



    Our tribute to Spring, an Egg-Stravaganza! 

    Swim with an “EGGO IN YOUR SPEEDO” (a hardboiled egg somewhere in your suit), and you can claim an additional "Big Chill" mile for carrying the egg. The club will provide eggs. 

    (Most of them will be hard boiled ;-)

    ~ The Club will provide Starbucks coffee, muffins, etc.

    ~ Bring some goodies/food to share if you are so inclined.

    • 07 May 2016
    • 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Celebration and Award Ceremony at Jack & Elaine Robertson's Residence

    Big Chill Celebration

    For All the Big Chill swimmers who participated and helped us all get to Bikini and back...our tropical party (in La Jolla) to celebrate our mutual achievement will be:

    Saturday May 7

    4:00 - 7:00

    Celebration and Award Ceremony at 

    Jack & Elaine Robertson's Residence

    (Mr. Chill will send info and directions to participant email list)

    RSVP to:




    • 25 Jun 2016
    • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (PDT)
    • The swim will start on the north side of Scripps Pier at 9:00 AM. ONLINE REGISTRATION AT:

    Pier-To-Cove Swim


    Register Now!


    Online Registration Deadline: June 17

    Day of Event "beach" registration is available for additional $20 fee (Total: $75. CASH ONLY)

    Saturday, June 25, 2016
    Join the La Jolla Cove Swim Club for our annual Scripps Pier to La Jolla Cove swim. 

    Swim distance is 1.5 miles (2.5 K). The swim will start on the north side of Scripps Pier at 9:00 AM.

    Swimmer safety is our first priority. San Diego Lifeguards will provide support including a boat, jet skis, and paddleboards.

    The race will finish at La Jolla Cove, where fresh, hot Mexican food will be served.

    "Beach" REGISTRATION and PRE-REGISTERED CHECK-IN  is 7:30 - 8:30 AM in Scripps Oceanography Parking Lot P003, just south of the Pier on El Paseo Grande, off La Jolla Shores Drive. 

    Parking is limited in that area, so it's best to carpool or have someone drop you off.

    DO NOT PARK IN THE SCRIPPS LOT, or you’ll get a ticket. 

    If you need a ride to Registration, we will offer free shuttle services from the Cove starting at 7:30 AM until 8:15. 

    Swimmers may leave their swim bags with event volunteers in the registration area, and they will be taken back to the Cove and will be watched.

    * Leave valuables at home. The La Jolla Cove Swim Club is not responsible for loss.

    NOTE: Rest room facilities at registration are extremely limited. We cannot change this. Plan accordingly.

    * Electronic Timing System will be used.

    *There is a 90 minute time limit for this swimAfter 90 minutes, lifeguards will escort any remaining swimmers from the water.

    Registration Categories:

    "Regulation" is according to USMS rules. Neoprene swim caps are acceptable.

    “Non-Regulation”: Swimmers may wear wetsuits, rash guards, fins, or masks and snorkels, etc.


    Awards will be awarded to the 1st place male and female “Regulation” swimmers. 


    Parental approval is required for swimmers younger than 18. The recommended minimum age for this swim is 16.

    Applications from swimmers younger than 18 must include a list of open water swimming experience and applications must be received before June 15 by PAPER ENTRY ONLY, HERE


    Remit check and address to:

     “La Jolla Cove Swim Club - Pier to Cove” 

    P.O. Box 427, La Jolla, CA 92038.

    Questions: contact
    Approval will be at the sole discretion of the event director. The swimmer may be required to have their own kayak support and/or an adult (over 18) escort swimmer. Contact info for the kayaker and/or support swimmer must be written on the back of the entry form.


    An event t-shirt will be guaranteed only for entries received in the PO Box or via the website, by June 15 (for pre-ordering purposes). Postmark date will not count. Mail early or, on the last day, you can take the entry directly to the post office in La Jolla. Event t-shirts will not be guaranteed for entries received after June 13. Beach entrants will not be guaranteed a T-shirt. The only way to be guaranteed a t-shirt is to pre-register by June 13


    ~ Regrettably, we had to increase the event fee this year to $55 (previously $45) due to increased fees for City permits and increased Lifeguard fees. LJCSC Board of Directors strives to keep our events affordable and of value to our members and event participants. 
    Thanks and Enjoy! 

    Online Registration Deadline: June 17

    Day of Event "beach" registration is available for additional $20 fee (Total: $75. CASH ONLY)

    • 24 Jul 2016
    • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • La Jolla Cove

    La Jolla Cove Swim Club’s


    Sunday, July 24 at 11:00 AM


    ~ Swim before and/or after the picnic

    What’s the point?

    To have a picnic and swim….or to swim and have a picnic.

    Where’s the point?

    The grassy area on the point beside the Bridge Club…it points toward the pier.

    That’s the point.

    What’s the cost?  Free (a benefit of club membership)

    Get the Point?    

    The club will provide hotdogs, buns, condiments, and potato salad, and paper plates, plastic eating utensils, napkins, etc.

    The club will not provide beverages….BYO

    - Bring a favorite picnic food to share and your own beverages

    Suggestions:  Baked beans, chili, salads, chips, salsa, fruit, veggies and dip, appetizers, cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, jello, iced tea.

    - Label your dish to tell us what it is and who made it.

    And put your name on your dish and serving implements so we can make sure that your stuff gets back to you.

    *Remember that alcohol and glass containers are not allowed in the park.

    -And bring a blanket, lawn chairs, umbrella, sunscreen, sun hats.

    - Please RSVP to Karen Cullen at or call her at (619) 229-0853.   

    Please tell her if you plan to attend so we can estimate how much food to provide. Also let her know if you plan to bring something to share so we can try to coordinate having a good variety of food.

    • 25 Sep 2016
    • 7:00 AM
    • La Jolla Cove

    15th Annual La Jolla Cove10-Mile Relay and Solo Swim

    A Celebration of Swimming and Community Giving

    at La Jolla Cove, La Jolla, CA
    Sunday, September 25, 2015

    Come out and get wet with your fellow swimmers for the 14th Annual La Jolla 10 Mile Relay!  

    This event takes place in one of the most beautiful ocean swimming locations in the world, and it's a great way to have fun while also giving back.  

    Organize a team of up to 5 swimmers or swim it solo.  

    This year's relay will benefit the American Diabetes AssociationSan Diego Junior Lifeguard Foundation, and La Jolla Cove Swim Club.

    And donations are encouraged.

    Event Details


    • 15 Oct 2016
    • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • La Jolla Cove, La Jolla Cove Suites

    La Jolla Cove Swim Club’s 4th 



    WHEN: . Swim anytime, BBQ at 5:00.

    WHO: Members of La Jolla Cove Swim Club and their guests.

    WHERE: Swim at the Cove, party at the La Jolla Cove Suites Hotel

    The club has rented a suite with a balcony at the La Jolla Cove Suites Hotel

    PARKING: We can’t park at the hotel, but on Sunday on-street parking is unrestricted.

    WHAT: A day of swimming to celebrate the end of summer before the water turns cool.

    The Big Chill is coming! We can’t stop it.  After the warm water this summer, a lot of us are looking forward to cooler water.

    This is not a competition; it’s just for fun. Fins, masks, snorkels and wetsuits are OK.

    The only rule is that there are no rules. Make up a swim plan with some friends.

    Here are some suggested swims:

    Swim 1: 6 mile relay for teams of 4 (or less) between La Jolla Cove and Scripps Pier.

    Start this swim from the Cove by noon (suggested)

    Swim 2: 3 mile swim (2 or more). Swim from the cove to the pier and back to the cove.

    Start this swim from the Cove by 2 (suggested)

    Swim 3: Do your “normal” swim at any time and just show up for the party afterwards.

    The idea is to finish by 4 PM, clean up, and meet at the La Jolla Cove Suites Hotel for the party 5 PM (see details below).

    We can watch the sunset from the balcony of the room.

    COST: Free. One of the many benefits of membership in the La Jolla Cove Swim Club

    RULES: There are no rules. Just swim safely

    PLAN: Plan to finish at the cove at no later than about 4 PM.

    Each team can come up with their own swim plan.

    Or swim alone. Or a team could be just 2 people, alternating laps.

    Each swimmer on a 4 person 6 mile team can do a 1.5 mile leg between the Cove and Pier.

    Or a swimmer could do two legs, as Cove to Pier and back.

    You can even do more than 6 miles if you want.

    Buddies can swim together, side by side.

    Swimmers who usually swim in the morning can do their swim or relay at their normal time and then come back to the hotel at 5:00, or swim a little later that day.

    Swimmers who swim to the pier could walk down the beach and swim back from the Beach Club/Marine Room area.

    Consider where your team’s swimmers will end up and whether they will need a ride back to the cove. Teams may need a vehicle to move team members between the cove and pier.

    Keep track of where your swim bag and car keys will be after you swim.

    Each team Captain is encouraged to file a swim plan (optional)  by Oct. 4.

    Send info to:, with subject line: "Pier to Beer Team".

    Provide the following info:

    1. Team name. Be creative (Buoy Bonkers, Pierless & Fearless, Pier Pounders, Kelp Helpless, Rock & Rollers, Swell Swimmers, White Cappers, Jelly Bellies, etc.)
    2. Team captain’s name with contact info
    3. How far team will swim (3 or 6 miles, or ???)
    4. Swimmer names
    5. How far each swimmer will swim
    6. Starting time
    7. Will you have kayak support?
      1. Name of kayaker(s)?
    8. Team color (caps)


    If you need more info, or if you want help planning your swim, or if you need additional swimmers, or if you’re a swimmer looking for a team, email: or,


    Clean up at the cove, the Athletic Club (if you’re a member), or at the Hotel.  

    Because we rented a room, swimmers can use the hotel facilities,

    On ground level there are two separate outside showers and some restrooms.

    The Jacuzzi, pool and some restrooms are on a deck on the 3rd level at the rear of the hotel.

    You could use these facilities after noon, but realize that getting to the 3rd level requires a room key, which we will not have until check-in time at 4. However, it’s not always locked.




    Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, other food will be provided by the club.

    The club will also supply good beer…. not Bud, or light beer.

    If you want your favorite beer, wine, champagne, liquor, or soft drinks, bring your own.

    Only those over 21 may drink beer.

    We will cook on a gas barbecue near the pool on the 3rd level deck at the rear of the hotel.

    Steve Dillard has volunteered to be the “Barbecutie” or “Gassy Ranger”.

    Glass is not allowed on the BBQ deck. So bring plastic or metal containers.

    We’ll provide cups, so you can pour your beverage into cups in the room and leave your glass there.

    Swimmers can bring food contributions of snacks, side dishes, etc.

    Many restaurants, such as Subway, Jersey Mike’s, pizza and sushi, as well as Von’s and Jonathan’s are in the La Jolla area.

    We can eat and drink either in the room or on the BBQ deck.


    It is recommended, but not required, that each team have a kayak (or paddleboard).

    Kayaks must launch at the Shores.

    Kayaks cannot land at the Cove.

    Kayakers should carry an extra life vest, whistle, water, sunscreen and a hat for themselves.

    • 29 Oct 2016
    • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • La Jolla Cove
    Halloween Spooky Splash
    Social Event 

    Will we see the return of the Jack O’Buoy?

    Saturday, October 29
    Starting at 9:00 AM, we’ll have a social event at the Cove.

    The Club will provide Starbucks coffee and Costco muffins. Please bring some Halloween goodies to share, if you are so inclined.

    Added Bonus Bloody Fun:


    Vampire Swim is an international blood drive swim organized by open water swimmers taking place at multiple venues around the world on Halloween.

    This is a new part we've added to our annual Halloween event.

    You can find more info HERE

    “Decorate Your Swim Cap”

     Make a Halloween swim cap of some sort and show it off. Be creative. This can either be a cap that can actually be worn for swimming, or a cap that needs to stay dry. Halloween or aquatic themes are suggested. 

    Also, feel free to show up in a full costume. Everyone will enjoy that!

    • 19 Nov 2016
    • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • La Jolla Cove

    Turkey Splash 
    Social Event

    Turkey Swim

    Saturday, November 19


    We’ll have coffee and assorted muffins. 

    - Please bring some Thanksgiving themed goodies to share, if you are so inclined.

    Club merchandise will be for sale.

    We will also have our 2016 Photo/Tides Calendars for sale.

    Dress like a turkey, swim like a turkey, or just “gobble" up some grub with your swim buddies.

    Double Big Chill Miles

    • 04 Dec 2016
    • 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Soledad Club - 5050 Soledad Road, across the street from Kate Sessions Park in North Pacific Beach.

    La Jolla Cove Swim Club 
    Annual Banquet
    A Club Social Event Giving Back To Members 

    Sunday, December 4
    4:00 - 8:00pm
    5050 Soledad Road
    San Diego, CA 92109

    It's that time of year again. 
    A celebration of swimming at the Cove and a chance for us to mingle, meet, and socialize with our clothes on!

    4:00: Happy Hour with Open bar (wine & beer), music, mingle on the deck and watch the sunset, or enjoy the rolling slide show presentation of our fun year of swimming!

    6:00: Catered Hawaiian dinner, followed by entertainment by Jim Earp,(plus a special appearance by "Mr. Chill and the Chilltones"), Club Awards, raffle prizes and the camaraderie of your swim buddies. 

    Raffle prizes will include:

    ~ several certificates for Xterra wetsuits and other Xterra gear

    ~ gift cards from local La Jolla merchants and restaurants

    ~ Club merchandise

    ~ and an amazing print from a local artist. 

    The club will provide a buffet dinner from L&L Hawaiian Barbecue with cake for dessert.

    Beverages will include basic wine and good beer, and water.

    Anyone who wants better wine or beer, or other fine spirits…BYO. 

    Bring your favorite bottle and share it with your swim buddies or the people at your table. 

    Cost: $10 at the door, (cash or check).

    * Kids under 16 are Free.


    Hawaiian: Aloha shirts, Sarongs, shell necklaces, etc.

    ~ 2016 Swim Club photo/tide calendars will be available to Members at the door

    One calendar comes free with each paid entry, or one per family.

    After the banquet, additional calendars can be purchased for $10 each (while supplies last).

    If you are able/willing to help with event set-up, come early (before 3:30) and let us know via email:


    • 24 Dec 2016
    • 12:00 PM
    • Coronado North Beach Fire Rings
    Xmas Eve Day Swim
    Sponsored by Coronado Masters

    Double Big ChillMiles 

    Coronado Beach

    North Beach Fire Rings

    Coronado Masters

    25th Annual Christmas Eve Day Swim 

    Thursday, 24 December

    Coronado, North Beach 

    12:00 NOON 

    (the beach at the North end of the Ocean right before the back gate to NAS North Island)

    -CMA will provide Hot cider, Buffalo Broth, Hot chili, veggie lasagna and a bonfire to thaw out after a brisk refreshing ocean swim.

    Bring a dish to share.

    • 01 Jan 2017
    • 10:00 AM
    • La Jolla Shores

    La Jolla Cove Swim Club's

    2017 New Year's Day Polar Bear Plunge


    The Annual LJCSC Polar Bear Plunge and Chili+ Potluck. 

    A great way for LJCSC Members to 'SPLASH' into the New Year!

    (LJCSC sponsored event for Members Only)

    10:00 AM

    (group photo, then splash!)

    We set up on the grass area (Kelogg Park) of La Jolla Shores (Not the Cove).  

    Look for our Club banner set up on the grass.

    Some will come to swim and others just to dip their big toe in the big blue (without, but all should come to share in the joy of the New Year and the warmth of good friends, fellow swimmers, and great potluck food (Cider/Coffee provided).

    Please bring your favorite chili (suggested), soup, and/or warm food to compliment it. 

    Warm clothes/hat/footwear, and definitely a camera.

    Double miles awarded for swimmers participating in the 

    Big Chill program

    Send your miles to

    Club merchandise (i.e. warm fleece jackets, vests, and hats) will be on sale. 

    Our beautiful 2016 La Jolla Cove Photo/Tide Calendars will be available for $10 (while supplies last)

    * Know your and safety come first!

Past events

01 Jan 2016 New Years Day Polar Bear Plunge
24 Dec 2015 Xmas Eve Day Splash
06 Dec 2015 LJCSC Annual Banquet
21 Nov 2015 Turkey Splash
31 Oct 2015 Halloween Spookfest Swim
11 Oct 2015 Pier To Beer Relay & BBQ (POSTPONED. RESCHEUDLED DATE TBA)
27 Sep 2015 La Jolla Cove 10-Mile Relay & Solo Swim
26 Jul 2015 Picnic On The Point
20 Jun 2015 Pier-To-Cove Swim
02 May 2015 Big Chill Celebration
25 Apr 2015 Janet Lamott Memorial Swim
11 Apr 2015 Tax Relief and Spring Egg-Stravaganza Swim
14 Mar 2015 St. Patty's Day Swim
14 Feb 2015 Valentine's Swim
01 Jan 2015 New Years Day Polar Bear Plunge
24 Dec 2014 Xmas Eve Day Splash
07 Dec 2014 LJCSC Annual Banquet
22 Nov 2014 Turkey Splash
15 Nov 2014 "Big Chill" BIKINI 2014-2015
25 Oct 2014 Halloween Spookfest Swim
05 Oct 2014 Pier To Beer Relay & BBQ
07 Sep 2014 "Greaterman" Swim
06 Sep 2014 Swim For Hope ~ Fundraiser for Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage
30 Aug 2014 Swim24 Challenge
30 Aug 2014 LJ 10-Mile Relay (2014 Event Cancelled)
20 Aug 2014 "DRIVEN" Movie Showing
20 Jul 2014 Picnic On The Point
21 Jun 2014 Pier-To-Cove Swim
14 Jun 2014 Rocks, Rips, and Reefs 2013
03 May 2014 Big Chill Party and Sink-o de Mayo
19 Apr 2014 Tax Relief and Spring Egg-Stravaganza Swim
15 Mar 2014 St. Patty's Day Swim
15 Feb 2014 Valentine's Swim
01 Jan 2014 New Years Day Polar Bear Plunge
24 Dec 2013 Xmas Eve Day Splash
01 Dec 2013 LJCSC Annual Banquet
23 Nov 2013 Turkey Splash
16 Nov 2013 "Big Chill" Bora Bora
26 Oct 2013 Halloween Spookfest Swim
13 Oct 2013 Pier To Beer Relay
29 Sep 2013 10-Mile Relay & Solo Swim
30 Jul 2013 Lynne Cox - New Book Tour
20 Jul 2013 Picnic On The Point
22 Jun 2013 Pier-To-Cove Swim
15 Jun 2013 Rocks, Rips, and Reefs 2013
15 Jun 2013 Rips, Rocks, and Reefs 2013
04 May 2013 Big Chill Party and Sink-o de Mayo
13 Apr 2013 Tax Relief Swim
17 Mar 2013 St. Patty's Day Swim
16 Feb 2013 Valentine's Swim
01 Jan 2013 New Years Day Polar Bear Swim
24 Dec 2012 Xmas Eve Day Splash & Dash Swim
22 Dec 2012 Annual Banquet
17 Nov 2012 Thanksgiving Turkey Splash
17 Nov 2012 Big Chill Tonga
27 Oct 2012 Halloween Spookfest
07 Oct 2012 10-Mile Relay & Solo Swim
16 Sep 2012 Pier to Beer relay swim
12 Aug 2012 Tour of Buoys 2012
21 Jul 2012 La Jolla Cove Swim Club’s 1st “PICNIC ON THE POINT”
23 Jun 2012 Pier-To-Cove Swim
02 Jun 2012 Rips, Rocks, and Reefs 2012
05 May 2012 Big Chill Party and Sink-o de Mayo
14 Apr 2012 Tax Relief Swim
24 Mar 2012 St. Patty's Day Swim
11 Feb 2012 Valentine's Swim
01 Jan 2012 New Years Day Polar Bear Swim
24 Dec 2011 Xmas Eve Day Splash & Dash Swim
11 Dec 2011 Annual Awards Banquet
19 Nov 2011 Thanksgiving Turkey Splash & Dash Swim
19 Nov 2011 Big Chill Fiji
25 Sep 2011 10-Mile Relay & Solo Swim
14 Aug 2011 Tour of Buoys 2011